Супервайзер пуско-наладочных работ (Commissioning Supervisor)

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«ҚМГ Қашаған Б.В.» ЖШЖК Нұр-Сұлтан қ.
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• Applying, in close coordination with the Commissioning Superintendent the commissioning strategy, to deliver the Project’s objectives.
• To ensure, in cooperation with HSE Team that execution activities are carried out in compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements set by Corporate, as well as those provided under Kazakh laws and regulations.
• Coordinate pre-commissioning/commissioning activities, priorities and schedule work in line with Project’s schedule.
• Ensuring plant equipment and facilities is leak tight, all pre-dynamic commissioning completed and ready for hydrocarbons introduction as per NCOC’s OR&A procedures.
• Work closely with Contractors for the development of the Pre-commissioning/commissioning and Start up procedures. Review and approve them on Company’s behalf.
• Writing of detailed commissioning reports, raising local procedures and updating operating procedures. Includes if required drafting Red Line Mark-Ups and making proposals for Plant Change Notices.
• Liaise with Contractors for Project execution, witnessing and performance testing modification. Handover and acceptance of changes.
• Providing technical support on Commissioning and contributing to the Commissioning support for Start-up, within POD.
• Work closely with POD to co-ordinate start-up on paper exercises, evaluating Start Up procedures and personnel competency & understanding.
• To supervise the activities of the Commissioning personnel reporting to him/her during the Preservation, pre-commissioning and commissioning for the Project.
• To ensure the identification and adoption of the correct Quality standards according to Company standards and local norms and legislation.
• Ensuring that contractors duties are performed by competent and experienced personnel and in sufficient numbers to achieve objectives, promptly advising the Commissioning Superintendent of any areas of concern
• Reviewing and commenting on documentation produced by contractors (eg technical reports, specifications, procedures, drawings, etc) ensuring implementation of established procedures and good engineering practice.
• Reviewing and evaluating any change proposals / requests, ensuring appropriate technical support is provided in decision making.
• Ensuring all activities carried out by the contractors are incompliance with the Permit To Work (PTW)
• Ensuring all works are properly tested and are in compliance with project standards.
• Close Liaison with project QA/QC department and ensuring that all works carried out are in compliance with project QA/QC standards.


• Engineering Degree or equivalent ( HND)
• 6-8 years of experience, including 4 years on pre-commissioning/commissioning supervisory role in a complex oil & gas project
• Seasoned professional whose specialized skills and knowledge have been supplemented by substantial, applicable work experience in a complex field.
• Experience in the acceptance & handover of facilities/equipment. Performance testing and verification.
• Exposure to both Onshore and Offshore operations and/or project commissioning & start-up experience. In addition, experience in working in harsh geographical and /or technical environments (e.g. temperature extremes, high pressure reservoirs) would be beneficial.
• Knowledge of local and international codes and regulations regarding mechanical systems and equipment;
• RoK Blue book certified (training and assessment will be provided if required);
• Computer literate;
• Fluent in both spoken and written English;
• Previous experience in Caspian Area would be beneficial.
• Provide technical leadership and guidance to other specialists.
• The job requires the ability to select, develop and assess the applicability of methods not just capable application of those methods.
• At this level jobs are not covered by defined procedures, only the objectives are defined. The holder must think about how to achieve these goals.
• Establish and publish clear priorities among


  • rotation 28/28
  • secondment 

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